10 Travel Hacks: RT to save a life

I figured it was time to share a few interesting travel tips that I’ve compiled over the years. If you’re looking to up your travel game without breaking the bank, or are just curious to learn a few hacks, check out these simple strategies to simplify your journey below:

  • Always bring a tapestry / sarong / fabric with you! A simple piece of fabric can serve as SO many things, such as a picnic blanket, a dress, you can tie it into a sack for your belongings, a towel after a dip, something to clean with. Same thing goes for a bandana… I could probably write a book called, “101 ways to use this fabric while traveling”.

  • If you're a woman traveling with cash, store it in a menstrual pad packet (yes I'm serious). No pick pocketer on the subway is going to pull out a pad from your purse or backpack. You can put the cash folded in the pad and re-tape the packaging shut!

  • Many people might know this, but a friendly reminder that your GPS does continue working if you've first opened it while connected to wifi. It WILL stay connected after you leave wifi. Therefore when you're abroad, load your directions in Maps or Google Maps, and once you lose wifi, they should still work (connected to satellite and not wifi or cellular data). Ever since using this hack, I haven't purchased data abroad!

  • One thing I've learned to do (which really gets the airline staff shook) is wearing on whatever doesn't fit in my carry on. If you choose a budget airline and cheap ticket and have absolutely NO room to include your clothes, well layer up! I've literally been told my carry on is too large and that I'd need to pay to check it while backpacking. I decline, take out shirts and pants and the thickest layers I have and place them one over another whilst still in the front of the line at boarding call; then get the bag down to the appropriate size. The attendants are always shocked at my sass and new stuffed eskimo #ootd, but it works. Once you're on the flight, feel free to drop those layers and pop them back into your carryon bag. Who cares once you've made it on. 

  • I only recently learned this, but when you get assigned a middle seat on a flight, you can go up to the gate and ask if there is a window or aisle seat available. All you have to do is ask - literally. And if there’s something open, they will switch your seat!

  • When traveling with an “oversized” carry on, you might feel nervous the flight attends will make you check your bag at the gate for a bullshit fee. Simple tip, go buy the cheapest thing from the duty free store (which is probably still a $7 chocolate bar), and ask them for a large bag. Then take out some of your items from your backpack or bag and place them into the plastic duty free bag. You’re allowed to walk aboard with this, and it’ll save space in what you were supposed to keep to the size of fitting beneath the seat in front of you!

  • Wondering if you can get by with a carry on for long trips? I'm a BIG fan of carry-on. It limits you to traveling light, which means cheaper airline tickets for those on a budget. If you're a low maintenance traveler, you can just repeat and rewear outfits every few days, even on long trips. Then once you get to where you're going, you can always grab essentials or new clothes there, which makes for a nice experience to bring home souvenirs. Purchasing a checked bag on your return flight home won't be such a big deal most likely towards the end of the trip.

  • WARNING R RATED TIP: Easy self defense simple weapon? Shockingly, a pen or pencil. Yup, it's your best bet and legal to have on you everywhere! No confusing pepper spray or taser laws for self defense in different countries, just a pencil. If someone is harassing you, grab it out of your purse and stab them right in the jugular or in the eye. 

  • People spend $10 a day on lunch. That’s $300 a month. That’s $900 in 3 months. You CAN afford to travel. You just gotta get used to sandwiches. Honor to eliminate one seemingly small expense for 2 months and put that money towards a plane ticket somewhere. You’ll be shocked how fast it adds up if you’re diligent.

I hope you enjoyed these 10 hacks and wind up using a few of them on your next trip!

Fair winds,

Alex Martinez @typsysoul