typsy soul

inspiring global experiences

through travel consulting + social media

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Living a life one doesn’t need a vacation from, using the globe as office space.

Whether while backpacking Patagonia, living on a sailboat in Croatia, or writing blog posts from a co-working space in South Africa, I mix work and adventure simultaneously. I founded Typsy Soul to share my stories, tips and inspire others. This space serves as a blog and platform to connect with those looking for my media services. Pop around the pages above or scroll below.

Always hungry and never bored, this digital nomad embraces the unknown and can’t wait to connect with you.


Let’s work together.

When I’m not partaking in political conversations with taxi drivers or tasting local beers of each country I visit, I’m working on sharing brands. I’d be honored to share your story through hirable media curation and digital services in the following areas:

  • Social Media Management / Growth + Strategy Plan

  • Lead Generation

  • Copywriting + Content Creation

  • Ghost Writing Articles (blog posts available for purchase)

  • Website Building

  • Sponsored Posts/Advertisements