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      Hola amigos! If you've made it to this page, you're probably wondering what my story is - but to be honest, it's continuously evolving each month as my location on this planet changes. As a gypsy on a budget with an immense passion for backpacking, I had to cultivate a life which would cater to my vagabond lifestyle. Trust me, it's not always easy. I currently live on three continents per year and work remotely for a travel company called Unsettled. When I am not sailing the seas every summer, my side hustle is doing freelance social media management and content creation on Instagram. I am 26 years young and was raised in Orlando, Florida. After studying abroad in Rome, I needed to find a way to travel for the rest of my life. Since graduating from Rollins College, I've made the choice to not measure my success by my LinkedIn profile, but rather by doing what makes me happy: USING THE WORLD AS MY OFFICE SPACE.

    It's safe to say I will never take a job that only allots two vacation weeks per year (nor can see myself working at a desk). After graduating, I tried to do the whole "resume boosting" societal career move by working for an opera company in NYC and utilizing my Bachelor's degree. What I felt was trapped, silenced and my passions belittled in this corporate setting. Looking for something else more satisfying, the opportunity of English tutoring and au-pairing arose previously this year. In this job, I helped 4 children learn English. I focused on becoming a travel blogger and digital nomad (heading to cafes for writing, photography and anything that enables me to create freely). Seasonally I have worked as a first-mate and stewardess aboard sailboat yachts in the Caribbean Sea, Adriatic Sea and Northern Atlantic Ocean. This is an example of a job where I was able to make money through challenging physical labor, but the trade off of sipping coronas in a bikini was worth it. Living a life I don't need a vacation from has made me happier on a deeper level and I wish to share this experience with the world. We should be working to live - not living to work, as many of us do. Not that I mean to crush the corporate world, but we often wind up in an internship or job straight out of college, searching for answers whilst getting restless.

      I hope this space inspires and educates you, serving fellow brothers and sisters who can't seem to settle down by answering your questions and sharing my thoughts on how to travel. I hope that if you're a business looking for an organic brand influencer or content creator, that you've found your gal. My personal story of "hopping off the band wagon" to see the world is constantly developing within new rolls. Will things change? Of course, change is the only constant thing we as humans know. But I can promise you it'll be exciting. For now, I'll stay doing jobs which enable me to travel, thus living the most satisfying life for myself. You can find reflections on the reality of backpacking and destination guides in my blog section. Stay confident, safe and authentic on your future adventures, comrades. Bon Voyage!

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