how did typsy soul come to be?

As a gypsy on a budget with an immense passion for backpacking, I had to cultivate a life which would cater to my vagabond lifestyle. I currently live on three continents per year, working remotely. 

USING THE WORLD AS MY OFFICE SPACE, it's safe to say I will never take a job that only allots two vacation weeks per year. After studying in Italy, graduating college, and working in NYC corporate, I decided to challenge the status-quo and look for something more satisfying. Since then, the opportunities of volunteering with Syrian refugees, teaching English, and working on sailboats arose. I hopped on a plane and moved to Vienna, Paris, Croatia and Buenos Aires. Living a life I don't need a vacation from has made me happier on a deeper level and I wish to share this shift of mindset with the world. We should be working to live - not living to work, as many do. Not that I mean to crush the corporate world, but we often wind up in an internship or job straight out of college, and restlessly search for answers, yet never ask the right questions.

      I hope this space inspires and educates fellow wanderers who can't seem to settle down, by answering questions and sharing my thoughts on how to make traveling into a sustainable lifestyle. I hope that if you're a business looking for an organic brand influencer or content creator, that you've found your gal! My personal story of "hopping off the band wagon" to see the world is constantly developing within new rolls. Will things change? Of course, change is the only constant thing we as humans know. But I can promise you it'll be exciting. Stay confident, safe and authentic on your future adventures, comrades. Bon Voyage!

Alexandra Martinez, Founder

Alexandra Martinez, Founder

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